How Does Family Affect Child Relationships

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UNIT 4 EFFECT ON PARENT- CHILD RELATIONSHIP The transition into adolescence is a developmental period that is often marked by substantial changes in behaviour including the early adolescent making more decisions about one self. During this period, early adolescents want to make more decisions about their behaviours, such as what clothes to wear and thus challenge parental legitimacy over decision making (Smetana, 1988). In all types of societies family is a basic social institution with multi-purpose functions. It has biological, psychological, economic, religious and cultural functions (Murdock, 1949). Emphasizing the importance of the study of family in the context of India’s modernization D. G. Mandelbaum writes: Whatever else the sociological study of society may encompass it must include family roles and relations. It is one of those centraltruisms, so obvious that it is easily overlooked, that each person lives usually for most of his or her life, with the others of the family; that his/her social character and his/her individual personality are moulded by them; that shift in family roles and responsibilities in their collective and cumulative effect have a great deal to do with the changes in the…show more content…
The advice they get is not fruitful because of the lack of knowledge of parents on internet. Parents’ of adolescents must know that their children will be accidentally exposed to pornography on the Internet. The adolescent form the largest group of consumers of internet pornography. If the parents are not aware of the malaises of Internet, this is the mountain they should pay attention to. If it is possible for them to learn they could do it without any delay. Or else the computer should be placed at the site where one can keep an eye on the child while walking back and forth as to what is going on in the

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