Effects Of Media Violence Essay

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Media violence poses a threat to public health, especially in adolescents that are currently exposed to this. Many critics have claimed that with the current advertisements and video games that are being released and shown worldwide, have a strong impact from kids aged from 8 upwards all through their teen years. Children, both female and male are induced by the passive messages the media are portraying. Other researches have also stated that the cause of this showing of violence causes certain side effects which may harm children's health life. It is important to consider the threat media violence brings and how it can be dealt with. The influence of mass violent media promotes an aggressive behaviour in children and can increase ultimately…show more content…
The aim for many is to stop the marketing of media violence and to allow young children become free from viewing any violent activities on most media. As one source mention, “The legislation provides for the voluntary cooperation of the entertainment industries to develop, implement, and enforce voluntary programming guidelines to remove harmful influences on children” (Senate Committee on the Judiciary). This same source was also eager to give guidelines for parents in how to select appropriate toys by allowing the children to use educational toys and teach their children anger management and conflict resolution skills. The Paediatrics source also had a list in ways for parents help avoid the children seeing any violent activities such as; avoiding screen media altogether, reducing any form of technology in the children’s bedrooms, avoiding the glamorization of carrying weapons and to educate children that the act of violence is not acceptable in the means of resolving conflicts. With the help of these point factors, it can reduce children's exposure of violent media and educate children to think in
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