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Introduction – There is very important role of Information Media Communications in developing Tourism Policy and Cross Cultural Communication for Peace, Security for Sustainable Tourism industry. Increasingly, ICTs play a critical role for the competitiveness of tourism organizations and destinations. ICTs are becoming a key determinant of organizational competitiveness. This strategy involves the planned communication component of programmes designed to change the attitudes and behavior of specific groups of people in specific ways through person‐to‐person communication, mass media, traditional media or community communication. It aims at the delivery of services and the interface between service deliverers and beneficiaries where people…show more content…
Moreover, using the online to make hotel room reservation has brought about a number of benefits. First, an individual can book room from home by using online security to protect their privacy and financial information. Unlike the past where personal information may be given to a middle party (Travel Agent), where there is risk of our information leaked out or sold to others. Secondly, individuals can use services provided by the online travel agents to compare prices and facilities at different hotels. Since ICTs enable an effective integration of activities of an organization, hotels with varied lines of activities would find more use in the adoption of ICTs than hotels with a relatively lesser span of activities. Hotel grade which indicate the economic class of the hotel’s target customers may also influence its propensity to adopt. Luxury Hotels which targets the high economic class may be more inclined to adopt ICTs due to the demand by the customers as well as to enhance their image. Also hotels of a higher grade will be more equipped in terms of resources for adopting new technologies. The age of the hotel is also a major factor that influences ICT adoption since new hotels find it easier to adopt new technologies that need a complete revamp of the…show more content…
More awareness must be done on process of information and training is needed in India for ICT at various levels of tourism, travel and hospitality enterprises. So, tourism education in India should focus on ICT trends. India should work on penetration of ICT into the masses, which are essential for its success. One may note that this is the most efficient way to do business in tourism industry. In this line, tourism organizations should provide more services to customers which is easily access to everyone in their places. The Government of India possesses huge amount of responsibility in streamlining the usage of ICT amongst stake holders (B to B) and clientele (B to C). The Tourism websites should be upgraded and updated

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