Belonging In Toni Morrison's Sula

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The novel Sula by author Toni Morrison is about of the Peace and the Wright families specifically Sula Peace and Nel Wright. It takes place in The Bottom, which is a hilly part of the town of Medallion, Ohio where the African American community lives. It discusses the complicated interactions between the mothers and daughters. Nel Wright rebels against her mother to find her own identity, she is determined to discover life outside her mother’s control. Sula Peace does not find the sense of belonging in her relationships with her family members; she looks for it somewhere else. Nel and Sula find their sense of belonging within their friendship, and it is highly beneficial for both girls. They grow up without the necessary support and care from…show more content…
Eva and Hannah do not accept the acknowledgement of failed communication concerning mother and daughter and the lack of motherly love, which effect Hannah’s ideas of mothering and the perception of herself: “Although Hannah is herself a mother, her discourse is circumscribed by her daughterly relation to Eva and by conventional and clearly inapplicable conceptions of motherhood and maternal love” (Hirsch 180). As a result, Hannah does not know how to care for her own child. Sula and Hannah are the next generation of Peace with mother and daughter relationship problems. Sula is embarrassed of her family mainly her mother. This was because of the sexual drive Hannah Peace lived by. Sula is connected to her family in the sense that she behaves similar to her grandmother and mother but the question of motherly love is questioned. Things get worst when Sula listen to her mother discussing her children with two friends, and hears her state that she does love Sula, but simply does not like her (Sula 57). The rejection of motherly love leaves Sula deeply

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