Genogram Report

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On September 12, I met with Helen, a friend of a friend, to conduct an interview. Before we proceeded, I clearly explained the purpose of the interview, which is collecting information about my client’s family history to make a genogram diagram. I also explained that the genogram is significant too for understanding her family structure and relationships. I assured to my client that whatever we discussed would be confidential. I also told my client that my instructor will be the only person reading the paper. Our meeting took place at Starbucks and lasted for about an hour and a half. While conducting the interview with my client, I noticed that some topics or questions were sensitive to her. She appeared comfortable answering the questions.…show more content…
The symbols used on the genogram, which are designed to help one understand the relationship between boxes, can be really confusing especially when the client's’ family has many problems. I also learned that it is easier for me to focus on and understand a client's direct or current family history than the history of other members of the family when using the genogram. the assumptions built in genogram is that genetic matters, meaning formal relationship matters. As such, the genogram gives an opportunity to client to reflect on relationships and how they impact them, but at the same time, there is something that about genogram that people do not really know about and does not affect them very much. Besides, I understand that, in order to do assessments for clients, it is crucial to guide them by looking at their families as an umbrella, not only focusing on certain branches, but also considering other factors that may have an impact on their problems. Keeping track of other information from a client's’ family helps develop an understanding or an idea of the client’s current situation, instead of making assumptions about the problem. I also learned that, in the process of the interview, emotional feelings may take place when workers are collecting information about a client's family. Certain stories that clients provide can be astonishing to workers, resulting in visible emotional feelings that may cause clients to be more
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