How Do Veterans Affect Veterans

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When soldiers come back from the war, they are more damaged then when they first started. Coming home from war and going back into your routine like the war was never apart of it can be hard, veterans have both mental and physical damages, and the impact that veterans have on families and how they affect veterans. These struggles are not their fault they are not anyone's fault but they are hard to live with. Soldiers come home from the war and they just do not function right well most of them do not. Most of them can barely get back into the groove. Most of them have to through therapy because of what they see in the war. Some soldiers can not find a place to work because they do not have a college degree. Just like in “The Blind Vet”, Nick…show more content…
There is a substantial amount of veterans that have PTSD. PTSD stands for post traumatic stress disorder. PTSD happens after you have been through a troubling accident. In the war soldiers have had traumatic experiences this can cause PTSD. Another injury of a veteran that has been to war is depression. Depression is a prolonged feeling of hopelessness and helplessness. Veterans come home with this because most of their friends from the war had died in the war and they feel like they have nobody to help them. Now another injury is a physical injury and that is you may go blind. In the story “The Blind Vet”, Nick was blinded by an IED. Nick said “I remembered a bright flash a terrible explosion adb the screams of his comrades. Then the bright color of his own blood in his eyes was the last thing he ever saw.”(Hoffman 31-32) Another physical injury is that you can have an amputation. Multiple veterans come home to have an amputation because of bullets or other things. Most of veterans have to be in wheelchairs or with crutches. The struggles of veterans coming home with multiple injuries. A substantial amount of veterans have all of these injuries and these conditions are hard to live
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