Definition Essay On Disability

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Disability has yet to have a set definition, which some believe there is a urgent need for an approved definition for disabled. This is urgent because only when disability is accurately defined can the many issues of social and health policies be addressed (Leonardi). Disability is defined as an individual who has a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activity according to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This definition is one of the better known definitions of disability. Furthermore, society plays a crucial role in how the nearly one in five people who have some form of a disability in America. Society restricts the capabilities and opportunities of those who are disabled (Crow). Even…show more content…
A definition is needed for disability so we can define who is eligible for benefits. With this definition you don't want to leave anyone out and don’t want to make it easy for everyone to receive benefits. This forces organizations to find the happy medium between the two ideas. The ICF’s definition states that a disability is a state of decreased functioning associated with disease, injury, disorder, or other health conditions, which in the context of one's environment is experienced as activity limitation, impairment or participation restriction (Leonardi). Improvements in participation of disabled people will take place when our society understands that both health and environmental aspects of disability allows for the examination of health interventions that improve functioning (Leonardi). The ICF’s definition helps clarify the much needed definition of this topic. The ICF includes all aspects of disability, highlights the interactive dynamic nature of disability, and acknowledges the equally important roles of the person's state of health and environmental factors in the production and mediation of the disability experience (Leonardi). This organization definition helps with equality for those who are not able to do what most can or are different from the norms of society. To conclude, a definition for all to understand and for all to appreciate will benefit our
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