Animal Bill Of Rights Essay

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Do you believe that animals need their bill of rights? Animal Rights is the philosophy of allowing nonhuman animals to have the most basic rights. Animals getting freedom to live a natural life, and free from human exploitation. It also could be when animals get unnecessary pain or suffering. Lastly, it is when animals go through premature death. People want animals to get their rights so that that they won't be abused no more. For example, there is a documentary that's called Foods INC. it showed how animals would be abused. Also, it showed in what ways there abused some would get hit for they could walk. Chickens are some of animals that would get abused more they would get kick if they wouldn't go to their box. Then, it's showed…show more content…
For example, are humans gonna stop eating meat, just image how people would go crazy. Yet there are people that believe that animals should get rights. Therefore, people would have to be veteran just for some other people believes. They're just animals that would die anyways why should people care. Is just like having to take of something that doesn't even matter for the world. Also, it would be better if animals don't get right because it could affect hinder researcher. For example, if animals get right how would scientist get information to cure people's illnesses that could probably slow the system down. Also, it could be difficult and slower for them to find cures for disease. Then how would people get better without researcher. Lastly, animals should just keep being scientific test for humans safety and security of any diseases. Third of all, it would affect our food industrie. For example if the farmers grow their animals naturally it would take months for chicken to be full grown, and if farmers just feed them corn and get fat quick food would be cheaper. Also, farmers do it to get more money and the government lets them because it helps them getting money. Then, it helps many people out by the food being cheaper, better chicken, and it gives more meet. But therefore, it doesn't give humans to mistreat animals just because it helps them get money, give them food, and just because they find cures for

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