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Veterans: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow Without wars, and veterans to fight with them, I would not be here today. Veterans from the past have affected my life greatly, without WWII I would not be walking on this earth. The same could be said about many of you. Maybe your ancestors moved to the US to avoid war or to get a new start after a war, either way the war affected you and your life and you may not know it. If the veterans from the past did not do what they did, than the veterans today might not be the same, the same could be said about our future veterans. We all affect the roles of veterans everyday, yesterday, today and tomorrow, could be as limited as going to a memorial day service or as big as joining one of the 5 military services.…show more content…
They not only fought in the wars, but they fought for our freedom, our country and us. They fought for you. While fighting for you they had the same purpose, to win the war. Veterans accomplished great goals while fighting for you in the wars. They won the rights for slaves in the civil war, they gave us freedom from U.K, they helped stop Hitler. Veterans were necessary than and are important now. Today in everyday life veterans help in different ways. Not all of them go overseas and fight, most of them stay here and help with natural disasters. They clean up after storms for example, Sandy. They send supplies overseas to those fighting and living over there. Not only that, but today’s veterans are here to keep us safe and to keep others safe. They are here to show an example of how we should act, in a kind, respectful way. They are here for us. Tomorrow veterans will still be here. 10 years from now they will be here. 20 years from now they could be one of you. Veterans will be essential to our future. They will have the same purpose they have today and had yesterday. They will have accomplished more. Veterans tomorrow will still affect the life of you and everyone around

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