Argumentative Essay: The Effects Of War On Soldiers

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The Effects of War on Soldiers “War ,huh! Yeah!What is it good for, Absolutely nothing!” These are the lyrics from the song “War” sung by famous singer Edwin Starr. Although this song has a good beat to it ,and can be deemed a great song to dance to. It holds a certain depth that is undeniable. War has proved itself over centuries as the fruit of nothing else but destruction as it negatively affects not only people uninvolved but those who take part ,those that are fighting. Soldiers are affected negatively by war to a great extent and some effects of war on the soldiers are Substance abuse, Emotional trauma, Physical disabilities and Psychological diseases. This being said, what is war actually good for? Substance abuse is one of the greatest issues affecting soldiers after or during war fair. According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse it is stated that”Those with multiple deployments and combat exposure are at greatest risk of developing substance use problems. They are more apt to engage in new-onset heavy weekly drinking and binge drinking, to…show more content…
As in most movies when soldiers come from war they come huddled on a stick with a broken arm or leg .Physical disabilities in warfare are most times unavoidable . It is something most soldiers have to come to terms with before they are deployed. The training they receive is not only given so that they can overpower their enemy but to help them preserve their own life to the best of their abilities .Physical disabilities is sadly one of the harshest realities of war. As most of these disabilities can last long after the war is finished ,and even evolve into something more life threatening leading ultimately to their death. Soldiers being exposed to sulfur and other poisonous substances such as Carbon Monoxide are highly susceptible to such lethal disabilities or illnesses. Amazingly ,we are still not

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