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Throughout time, there have been many different interpretations of term hero, but it is properly defined as a mythological or legendary figure of divine descent endowed with great strength or ability (OED). These figures were the gods of their time, such as Hercules or Zeus, but times have changed and so has the meaning of the word, hero. Heroes today are selfless and unique; they are individuals who knowingly put their life at risk for a greater good. Heroes are the men and women who choose to devote their lives to defeating the evil in this world by signing the dotted line and joining the military. An excellent example is Chief Petty Officer Chris Kyle, the “Legend” as some say. He is a true American hero and can never be thanked enough for his sacrifices. Chris Kyle’s story has become very well known in the past few years. His New York Times bestselling autobiography released in 2012, American Sniper, has been recently made into a motion picture. Chris Kyle was assigned to SEAL…show more content…
Most snipers felt it was their duty to maintain their ground, but Kyle felt like he wasn’t being utilized properly. These beliefs lead to the story that earned him the title, “The Legend”, it began in Fallujah in 2004, when he was supposed to be perched up at a safe distance watching over the Marines. The only problem was Kyle believed he could provide more protection on the street going house to house with his boys, kicking in doors, and fighting side by side with them. During this exact firefight, it is rumored that Kyle saw one of his guys go down, so he gave up his sniper position to a Marine next to him and began running through a hail of bullets to pull a wounded Marine to safety (Kyle et al. 184). The guys around him stood there in shock and after that, the stories of his heroics only began to spread. The nickname, “The Legend” was given to him and stuck

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