High-Performance Work Practices In Healthcare Organizations

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Performance Management in Health Care Healthcare organizations all work towards one goal, to provide high quality care for ill patients. If a healthcare organization wants to be successful against competitors in the market, they have to hire and retain highly skilled and qualified employees. Performance management of employees is essential in making sure an organization has hired the correct professionals for the job. In the journal, “Implementing High-Performance Work Practices in Healthcare Organizations: Qualitative and Conceptual Evidence” by McAlearney, Ann Scheck, Robbins, Julie, Garman, Andrew N., Song, Paula H., the important topics discussed were high-quality patient care across healthcare settings. This paper will discuss management…show more content…
Garman et al. developed a theoretical model to conceptualize the use of HPWPs in healthcare. This model defines HPWPs as “a set of practices within organizations that enhance organizational outcomes by improving the quality and effectiveness of employee performance” (Garman et al., 2011, p.…show more content…
The HPWPs from a clinicians stand point can help facilitated efforts to clarify definitions, build commitment, and ensure consistency in applying work practices. A strong leadership is always needed when implementing a new process and making things run smoothly. There are several important factors to consider when implementing a new practices and having a clear objective can help make the implementation process easy for all those involved. Management support is key to making all aspects of an organization work as one well-oiled machine. Knowing policies and procedures is important during an implementation process so that everything being done is legal and justifiable. Having the resources needed to make sure a process can be implemented is just as important as having the support of leadership. It is difficult to make things work with limited resources. Overall, I found the information in this journal to be accurate and I agree with majority of it. As a clinician in the healthcare field and having gone through many new process implementation all of the points in this research is true and

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