Swot Analysis For Physician Liaisons

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Selection Plan: Physician Liaison Healthcare is currently one of the most dynamic industries, resulting in the creation of many complexities in recruiting. Healthcare reform has hospitals struggling to figure out how to transition from a fee-for-service reimbursement environment to a population health focus. Many healthcare organizations employ physician liaisons to represent the organization in the field, build relationships with internal and external physicians, execute community and physician outreach, and drive referrals. The role is constantly evolving along with the industry and shifting organizational strategy. Due to the dynamic nature of the role and the fact that the liaison is the face of the organization in the field, it is…show more content…
Income potential for a physician liaison is a little below the total income potential for most healthcare sales job. This communication should be up front and the motivation behind a candidate’s interest in the role should be clarified. The increased labor pool will require more time and attention in selecting the best candidate. At the same time, the organization must ensure that the selection process does not extend too long at the expense of losing the best candidates. Finally, the physician liaison role is not a direct comparison to other healthcare sales roles and much clarity and communication will be necessary for the candidates to self-select appropriately. The team assessment will play a critical role in helping the candidate get a complete understanding of the role by meeting with service line leaders, administrators, and…show more content…
Any candidate that does not meet the minimum experience and education requirements, including any that fail the background check, can be ruled out immediately. The resume and weighted application blanks can be used to eliminate candidates that do not meet the qualifications or that do not present professionally. Much of this initial screening can be completed electronically. Once the qualified candidates have been identified, the initial interview and reference checks should play a key role before candidates move on to the substantive assessments, which are more costly and time consuming. Initial interviews are commonly executed by telephone screening in order to reduce costs and save time (Mueller & Baum, 2011). Additional advantages include the ability to test the candidate’s communication, listening, and vocal skills (Mueller & Baum, 2011). This would also be a good time to clarify work experience and answer any questions that the candidate might have before pursuing the role further. Despite the difficulty, every effort should be made to complete thorough reference checks. The fear of defamation nor privacy lawsuits have increased reference reluctance to comment on candidate performance (Brody, 2010). An organization might consider automating the process, a practice growing in popularity that allows

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