Homeless Community Observation

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The community I selected for this assignment is the downtown homeless community of San Diego, California, approximately 12 miles from my residence. At first glance, downtown San Diego, America’s finest city, is this redesigned beautiful high rise, upper middle to affluent neighborhoods, consisting of an extravagant night life, and a hotspot for tourtist. However, nestled away on C, and G street, (to name a few) a matter of blocks away from Petco Park, home to the Padres, a lavish Convention Center, and numerous 4 star hotels is a growing community of homelessness. Over the years efforts have been made to redirect the homeless community to other neighborhoods. Eventually the homeless resettle in downtown San Diego, make that community their home. To say that this is a sad, and sight, would be…show more content…
As a social worker I would employ the use of social media to help bring attention to the homeless situation detailing the positive and the negatives. Interviews would be conducted from the homeless citizens. My thinking is that the public perception could be softened if one hears their stories. Often times there is a story behind their situation. I would also advocate to keep the winters shelters open year round for the downtown San Diego homeless. A challenge is the lack of services available to the homeless, and accessibility. Yes, there are shelters, SNAP, food banks, SSI in some instances, and a host of other agencies, but additional help is needed. Many of the shelters are not year round. Another challenge is that many of homeless citizens may desire to work, but have no address to put on the application, limited resources, and other hinderances. In addition, many of the homeless are suffering from Mental Illness, or unable to work due to illness or a

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