Native American Stereotypes

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Due to Deborah Cater “You have to taste a culture to understand it.” Before I analyzed the Native American stories and compared stereotypes of my heritage to theirs, I concluded that Native Americans were savages, out of this world, all conduct human sacrifices, and have many Gods. Just like many people concluded that all Haitian perform voodoo, eat griot (fried pork) and are black; which are not true. From what I read and research not all Native Americans wear feather clothes, their religious beliefs are similar to other people religions, and not all are savages. Native Americans were the first people to own the New world. 1492, when Christopher Columbus landed he thought he landed in India .The arrival of the European to new world was the end of the Indians (An emerging nations). According to “the world on the turtle back” the Iroquois, A group from Native Americans, believe there’s a good and a bad force that balance the world. Their myth is consist a mixture of the yin yang, Christianity, and many others. Compare to my beliefs, the Iroquois believe that there’s a supernatural power that rule over humans. I believe that there is an all might God that’s looking over the earth and there’s an inverse spirit call Satan that is here to kill, steal, and destroy. Most chinses people believe…show more content…
Many Native Americans wear full animal clothes, some wear feathers, and others wear nothing at all. Not all native are savages. I wouldn’t describe them as savages if they were protecting their land. N. Scott Momaday the author of “Rainy Mountain” describe them as brave warriors for fight against the U.S. army for their own property. Based on what I gathered only the Mayas conduct human sacrifices to their gods for resources or guidance. In the country side in Haitian children play around in their underwear or nothing. The people who do voodoo in Haiti conduct sacrifices
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