Stereotypes And The Media's Perception Of Crime

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The high incarceration rate of young males & the correlation of earning an education are being reviewed in a different perspective. Some believe that by not ascertaining an education our young black males are destined for the penitentiary system & are counted as another statistic. Others who may not have seen or experienced this first hand believe otherwise. They believe that the media especially television shapes how we view crime by constructing perceptions of crime, public images of the criminal, and subsequently shaping attitudes, everyday interactions and public policy. TV does not accurately reflect reality, but the way it is portrayed shapes the way we see crime as a society. When we hear about a crime being reported on tv we typically assume that the victim is white, and that the perpetrator is African American or Hispanic Latino.…show more content…
The media tends to take a crime that has been committed portray and portray it as if the perpetrator is someone of African American or Hispanic Latino. When not all crimes are committed by blacks or hispanics sometimes crimes that are committed are by caucasians. For example, Trayvon Martin was murdered by a white man, George Zimmerman. Trayvon Martin was a young African American teen who was shot for looking suspect in a white neighborhood. The media portrayed Martin as troubled teen who was serving out a suspension from school at the time of his slain murder. Zimmerman was portrayed as the real victim instead of a perpetrator, because when the fats came out Zimmerman was in the wrong and should have punished for his crime, but instead our justice system let him walk. Now if Martin was killed by another black or a latino then Martin would have been portrayed as the victim and his killer would have been

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