Analyse The Difference Between Identity And Diversity

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We have known for a long time that understanding one’s own culture and the culture of others is a vital skill to have as a citizen and to develop a better understanding of human commonalities. The research done by Common Ground Collaborative has shown that we “all seek to live with meaning and purpose”...”need to be innovative producers and consumers”...”are connected to our environments”...”need to live healthy balanced lives”... “need systems to understand how things work”...”need to express ourselves creatively”.... and “seek membership in groups” (1) We know that learning another language for example combines many of these needs. Intercultural awareness combines a deep understanding of your own cultural heritage with that of others. To go further, when it is working well it involves a type of symbiotic relationship where both parties bring their own bread to the metaphorical table, share ideas and learn from each other; a concept known as mutual reciprocity. Contrary to popular belief, this process does not involve giving up your own sense of self, but rather suggests a relationship built upon a deeper understanding by both parties. True, this requires something of an open mind (and some good listening…show more content…
Coming to the U.S. from Northern Europe as I did in the 1980’s, marrying an American, raising young children in Switzerland, and then living in the South for 15 years gave me a deep personal understanding of the need for what some experts have called ‘cultural capital’. Another way to think about this term, ‘cultural capital’ is simply as a tool kit, or a suitcase that you might carry with you containing the things you need to better understand the key elements of another’s culture. Ideally, your ‘cultural capital’ ought to be sufficient enough to not only allow you to get around as a tourist might, but also to live comfortably among the locals without stumbling over simple social

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