Henry Ford In Brave New World

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Brave New World in the eyes of George Pullman Ever thought of a world were people have no parents and everyone is addicted to a narcotic substance. And every one belongs to everyone else sexually. This is the world of Brave New World a book written by Aldous Huxley which is supposedly humanity in the future in that the society is obsessed with efficiency. The society has Henry ford as sort of their god or person they like very much because Henry Ford in his life was a efficient person, he made the assembly line and the Model T car. The society is enveloped in efficiency so much so that they grow embryos of people in select castes and they are made for certain jobs. This essay will analyze the effects of Henry Ford's innovations on Brave…show more content…
What made George Pullman a great innovator was that he made the sleeper car which made the rail road trains desirable. Brave New World's society would not be based around efficiency as much as Henry ford's world. George Pullman had a town constructed and he named it Pullman. He housed a lot of his workers "By 1883 the factory employed 14,000 workers, of which nearly 6,000 lived in the model town."(UXL Biographies 22). One thing George Pullman did that was more charitable than Henry Ford was "they owed the Pullman Land Company more than $100,000, which Pullman still had not tried to collect."(UXL Biographies 27). Henry Ford the man of efficiency would have collected the debt but George Pullman didn't so he must have had some compassion towards his workers. He changed society by giving a lot people jobs even African-Americans that needed jobs. He came up with the idea that rail road train tracks should have a standard size all across the United States in the 1860s. It would be good to note that all the transportation businesses after the rail road took after the ideas of George Pullman the standard of comfort was set by him. Sleeping on trains wasn't a new idea "R. F. Morgan had experimented with sleeping cars as early as 1829. By 1836 the Cumberland Valley Railroad had put bunks in some train cars."(UXL Biographies 10). There was a bundle

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