Psychological Condition In Brave New World

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If one was given the choice between getting what they wanted and not getting what they wanted, they would choose getting what they wanted every time. The person would think that getting what they wanted would satisfy them and make them happy. In Brave New World, the World State promises the citizens that they will get what they want, whenever they want, in order to maintain its stability. The World State’s main purpose is to make people happy. The state uses psychological conditioning to make sure that each citizen doesn't want anything that they can't have such as a family or a long-time relationship. Their satisfaction of every desire creates an artificial happiness that creates stability by eliminating deep thought and new ideas. Without…show more content…
The World State keeps science to themselves in order to control society which prevents the citizens from understanding the real world. They claim “science is dangerous” so they keep it “carefully chained and muzzled” (Huxley) because it could conflict with their values. In Brave New World, the citizens are controlled down to their emotions and thoughts by their “conditioning”. One of the reasons the World State controls the use of science is because scientific discovery often lead to change. The World State forbids change and believes science is no good but will only use it when useful for the state. John the Savage is unable to live a stable life due to the fact that he was incapable of knowing what science “exactly signified” because “Shakespeare…never mentioned science” (Huxley 225). John was an individual taught from his religion and Shakespeare’s works who whips himself as an act of disapproval toward the overly scientific and technological society that advocates pleasure-seeking instead of truth. Since he doesn’t understand what science is, he is unable to comprehend how it could lead to discovery of the truth he seeks. So with this inability to comprehend science, he has an imbalance of religion, science and art. This causes John to become overwhelmed and eventually commits suicide. In the real world it proves how science is necessary for transportation, communication, medical aid, and other global…show more content…
Since no one in Brave New World can create or express emotions, individual expression does not exist. Society advanced in technology and most things in Brave New World are done by a machine so therefore the World State did not see a need for creativity. The citizens had to pay the price of the ability to think and be creative just to live in a stable society. The controller explains to John the Savage that they haven chosen “between happiness and what people used to call high art” and “sacrificed the high art" because “that’s the price” they “pay for stability” (Huxley 220). Society in Brave New World uses art, to support genetic engineering and self-pleasure. In the real world, people can express their emotions and feelings through art such as speaking, poetry, painting, sculptures, or

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