How Did Henry Ford Change The World

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It was the early 1900’s and everyone was still riding in the old-fashioned horse and buggy. There seemed to be nothing that could increase the rate of travel, until one person introduced the greatest thing known to man, the automobile. The young Henry Ford came to invent the new way of travel at an affordable price. This invention would change the world. Ford later founded the Ford Motor Company that is still in production today. Not only had Henry Ford changed the way of travel, but also “developed a system of mass production”(Ford). Not only did Henry Ford provide a new way of travel, he also made it affordable for middle class working American. Born on July 30, 1863 in Greenfield Township, Michigan, Henry Ford was the top dog in his family. He was the oldest of six children that lived their family farm. He was…show more content…
“His was a small car driven by a two-cylinder, four-cycle motor and by far the lightest (500 pounds) of the early American vehicles”(Ford). With Ford’s accomplishment of the first car, he later founded what we know today as the Ford Motor Company. Founded in June of 1903, the company launched from a “small converted wagon factory in Detroit, and its assets initially consisted of tools, appliances, machinery, blueprints, patents, and a few models”(Ford Motor Company). In the 1890’s, Ford had developed a reputation as a pioneer after experimenting with a few new automobile designs. His first release was of the Model A, which was a two-cylinder engine with eight horsepower and “sold 1,708 models in the company’s first year of operation”(Ford Motor Company). Five years later, Ford had over 19 model designs that each had a letter between B and S. There were some that did not succeed and some that did, but the most successful was the Model N, which sold for $500. He then took time to design a Model that would be reliable and also mass produced. This awoke the Model T that everyone

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