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In John Updike’s short story “A&P” we find ourselves placed in the mind of a 19-year-old boy seeking the attention and acceptance from the opposite sex. As many young men, Sammy’s knowledge of repercussions to his premature actions places him in a predicament that develops everlasting consequences. As a result of his impulsive actions Sammy has placed himself in a predicament that will have an overarching effect on his family, his employment, along with an undefined future. The beginning of the story takes place after the action has occurred in past tense setting of the place Sammy used to call work. He explains his story in a detailed sense, to almost make you feel compassion for his decision, eluding the main point of his story to the end. He immediately begins the story defining actions of the three bathing suite girls that enter the store, enveloping on every action they take. His infatuation with the girls begins to take precedence as he relates that he can’t accomplish simple task, such as, whether or not he rung up his customers box of “HiHo” crackers. He begins to notice minor details of the…show more content…
His focus now becomes of her, and only her, barely relinquishing his attention to the two minions mimicking her everyone move. His thoughts have now become entranced by Queenie actions and physical appearance. Sammy releases evidence of his crush on Queenie describing her bathing suite and its missing straps, something to drive a boy mad during the 1960s, as it is almost an act of sin during this generation. He realizes his gaze has become more than obvious to Queenie adjusting every ounce of attention on them during the slow Thursday evening hours. He follows them through every isle, giving attention to them as they emerge, explaining it as though he is playing a game of pinball guessing to which isle they would appear from

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