Brave New World Conflict Analysis

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Faisal Odeh April 16, 2015 Brave New World Questions Conflicts: The biggest conflict in the book is between Bernard Marx and his current society that he lives in which is known as the world state society. Bernard feels that he is not welcomed and different form the other people. That is ironic because Bernard Marx would feel the complete opposite if he lived in in the modern time period because he was smart and has a strong character. In other characters perspective he is different than everyone else and is heavily excluded form his society. Bernard feels very lonely but his biggest conflict is the disgust he notices in the World state society, which no one else seems to notice. Bernard feels like it’s hard for him to ignore…show more content…
It takes place in London because the author is British. The author also wants to make it as far into the future as possible while keeping it realistic. They also mention that they began counting the calendar years A.F after the Henry Ford’s first car. In this utopian city, a lot of languages that are common today died off and are no longer spoken. So far, the only language that is spoken is English. In this society, instead of worshiping a God the people idolize Henry Ford, which is very ironic. This is Ironic because Henry Ford was known for producing cars or machines and in the book the people behave like machines and therefore must idolize Henry…show more content…
We can’t do without any one. Even Epsilons are useful. We couldn’t do without Epsilons. Every one works for every one else. We can’t do without any one” That quotation is from Chapter 5 and was chosen because it shows how everyone is dependent in his or her lives. This quotation is from when Lenina has a small flashback of Henry Foster talking to her. This quote highlights the important viewpoints from the World State society while making it clear that they believe that everyone works for everyone else. However, in the book this is not exactly what happens because certain castes get way less hard work than others. I also find this quote very ironic because Epsilons, Gamma’s and Delta’s are treated very differently than the other castes. One example is that they are deprived of oxygen so their brains cannot fully develop and live with severe handicaps. Epsilons do not even have the right to seek higher education levels and cannot get better lives. If all people work equally and are all equally important then why can’t Epsilon’s be treated as

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