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Analysis of “FROST/NIXON” Stakeholders of the movie:  Author: Peter Morgan is the author of the movie.  Host: David Frost is the host in movie who take interviews.  Ex-President: Richard Nixon is the ex-president.  Researcher: Jim Reston is a researcher in the David Frost teams.  Loyal supporter and Nixon chief of staff: Jack Brennan is a loyal supporter and a Nixon chief of staff.  Guest of Frost show’s: Evonne Goolagong is the guest in the Frost shows.  Frost producer, Head of current affairs in LWT: Jhon Birt is a producer of Frost.  Nixon’s manservant: Manolo Scandez is a servant of Nixon.  Broker: Swifty Larar is a broker in the movie, who arranges interviews in $600,000.  American Reporter: Bob Zelnick is a American reporter in the movie. WATERGATE SCANDAL: Watergate is a political scandal that occurred in the United States in 1970, as a result of June 17, 1972 break in democratic national committee headquarters at Watergate office complex, and the president Nixon attempted to cover up of its involvement INTRODUCTION: Frost/Nixon is a British-American historical drama film 2008 based on the 2006 same name play by Peter Morgan, who also adopted the…show more content…
Nixon neither admitted any guilt nor offered any apology for the Watergate scandal, which resulted in his resignation. Frost thought that his interviews would have been showing this, to the public and the television networks. Nixon having few interview offers on the table, but finally accepted the Frost proposal because of two reasons, firstly due to the $600,000 guaranteed fee and secondly because he wanted to take command of the interview so that through this he could show the world that he was still in presidential state so that he could revive his political

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