Brave New World Marxist Analysis

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Neither man nor society is perfect. It is a battle between the oppressed and the oppressing. Karl Marx explains the perceptions and misperceptions of a perfect society through his theories on class struggle and hierarchy economics. Marx’s theories show how he recognized that class struggle was inevitable within a society, which is why he supported the Communist idea of government, which in theory makes everyone equal but in reality does not work that way. In this essay we will further analyze the application of Marxist theory into the text of Brave New World. Everyone in the World State of Brave New World has been assigned to a caste, since the day they were created. Each person involuntarily gives up their individuality for the stability of the utopian society. They have been conditioned to fulfill the roles of that class and perceive the other castes as negative. In order for there to be stability…show more content…
Without it there is no society, just a group of people doing whatever they please. In Brave New World one of the forms of control over the society is the distribution and use of Soma. An example used by Huxley is when he writes “Christianity without tears – that’s what Soma is”. (Huxley 238) Mustapha Mond explains the true reasoning behind Soma – it makes people content without causing the sadness and guilt of Christianity. It is the perfect drug for the job. It keeps people mentally under control and does not cause a hangover. However, some people are over the feeling of being drugged; they want to feel the reality of life, not what someone wants them to feel. They want to feel pain and love. They want to be human. What the controllers have essentially done is take away their humanity. They are simple pawns in a game with no end. Only if someone is willing to rise up and challenge the system. A system that has even taken measures to change religion

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