Socialism Quotes In Brave New World

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Christina Gadelkarim IB Lit HL August 4th, 2014 Brave New World Science in the 1930’s In Huxley’s brave new world, he writes about a negative utopia. He incorporates science into the novel. In chapter one, a group of people were taken on a tour around the Hatchery and Conditioning Center. This center is where they produce human beings. Not only do they manufacture them but they also condition them to be a certain way. This process is destroying their personal freedom. This process was known as Bokanovskify. In addition to manufacturing human beings, they could get a mass production of thousands of twins from the same ovary. In the novel, it says, “... You get an average of nearly eleven thousand brothers and sisters in a hundred and…show more content…
Lenina states, “... Everyone works for everyone else. We can’t do without anyone. Even Epsilons…” (page 91) This quote shows that even though some one could be the lowest social class or the poorest, such as the epsilons, they are still needed in society and without them, society wouldn’t be functioning the same way. It shows that everyone is dependent on each other in a way and that the only way to be successful all together is to work together and help each other out. Not everyone can be Alpha’s because then there would be no one to do the things that the epsilons did. They wouldn’t be able to be a stable society if everyone were of a higher class rather than a lower class level. Also, in the novel it shows that everyone is so well conditioned within this society that they will easily accept their social level. I believe that Huxley showed a clear view of socialism and why it is important in society. He shows that everyone should be respected and is important within a society. Christina Gadelkarim IB Lit

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