Government In Brave New World

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In Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, the government has reduced humans to mere animals who have no sense of self restraint or denial and are focused solely on their primitive urges in order to create a so-called perfect society. Individuals play no role in determining what kind of person they are going to be. From the time they are born, citizens are molded into almost identical people. The ways they think and react to certain situations are indistinguishable from each other. The government has been in complete control of every aspect of a citizen’s life for over six hundred years, because of the Nine Years’ War. Before the war, science and the arts were seen as unrestricted privileges, and this lasted “Right up to the time of the Nine Year’s…show more content…
Most of the free time an individual has is either spent sleeping with numerous amounts of different people, or taking soma. Soma is described as, “Christianity without the tears,” (Huxley 213). Instead of facing one’s problems, a person can instead take soma and slip away into a paradise-like world and it “is evil because it is used for escape,” (Matter 149). Confronting problems is what builds character and frames morals that will determine how a person lives his or her life. Every citizen in Brave New World takes soma when he or she is introduced to an unpleasant situation, which stunts mental and emotional growth. Promiscuity is demanded by the government because it cheapens relationships and further reduces the urge to ponder life beyond the primitive urges of sex. The idea that, “everyone belongs to everyone else,” (Huxley 48) is pressed on citizens in early childhood and leads to promiscuity being seen as the norm. The World Controllers want to squash individuality and by placing the concept, everybody belongs to everybody, the masses don’t even consider their own bodies as exclusively theirs. This lack of self-identity makes it near impossible for a person to develop into a distinct
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