Heartwarming Experience

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As I got into the plane at 6:45 AM and found my seat, I started to get ready for the four hour plane ride. When we took off it felt like the whole world was shaking underneath us. When I looked out the plane window and saw the majestic clouds. I started to think about all the great times I have had coming to Florida every year. When the four hours ended and we got off the plane. I started to think about the great memories again. To me this place is a heartwarming experience and I never want to lose it. The moment I stepped out the car door it reminded me of the other 13 wonderful summers I have had in Florida. I could smell the salty air from the ocean right next door. As I looked around I saw a palm tree dancing in the wind. As I walked by the dancing palm tree, a lizard ran across the path like a lightning bolt. When I approached my condo, we rent every single time, it reminded me of the greatest moments…show more content…
Russell my cousin and I went to the beach. We started to walk toward the rusty old dock across the street. While we approached the dock I could hear the waves crashing against the shore. As we got on the rusty, old, splintery dock, there we could finally see the big blue. The view was outstanding. The dazzling sunlight was hitting the sand making it sparkle like a thousand jewels. When I took that first step onto the sand, it felt like I was walking on hot coals. A warm breeze was hitting my face, making my hair move all over the place. As I walked over toward the ocean every step I took the sand would bury my feet. When I got to the shore of the ocean I decided to get in. As I walked into the majestic water I remembered all the times my dad would go body surfing with me on his back when I was younger. I remembered all the times my family would spend all day on the beach “tanning” until they looked as red as a tomato. Whenever they were done burning we would go up to my grandma's for

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