Hearing Experience

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Through this experience I felt vulnerable in the sense of no longer being able to rely on my hearing and vision. It made me realize how much things are taken for granted and that you never know what could happen to you. The reason why I felt this way was because I would not be able to know what was going on in my surroundings if anything bad were to happen or go on. It took a lot of work for my eyes to focus and get a sense of the object I was looking at. I would not be able to rely very much on my vision as I used to, therefore I would need to start using touch as my primary sensory. When I would look at my roommates my eyes were only able to see the outline of them and everything else pretty much blurry. Hearing my roommates, while they were talking to me, was not too much of a problem, but when responding to my roommates I heard my voice more inside of my head because of the cotton balls being put in. That made it difficult for me to gauge if I was talking too loud or not loud enough. If my roommates were farther away from me, I am sure I would not understand what they were saying to me or not hear them at all.…show more content…
If I were to experience this in my everyday life I would have a hard time adjusting to using my other senses. My environment with this deficit would make it harder to focus on things such as maps in order to figure out where I should be going. My social interactions I am sure that it would cause an awkward social interaction with other people for me as well. I would not be able to hangout with friends and go to the movies without having to ask every other minute what was

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