What Is Forever Essay

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By the time we are born, we start to learn from the experiences we had. When we are still a baby, we tend to cry for milk whenever we are hungry. We tend to cry out loud for attention whenever we are hurt. We tend to smile and giggle once people make fun and play with us. With all this, our knowledge about reacting and knowing things is all based on our experiences and how we actually feel. As we age and mature, we acquire knowledge and prove it is true through different situations and experiences. We indulge ourselves on things before we actually believe in it as true. As what Aristotle claimed, humans wonder about the world and focus on analyzing a particular phenomenon that comes in the way. People believe in truth about things depending…show more content…
Some say that there is no such thing as forever because things have an end and you may not live forever. Some say that forever do exist because you may not live forever but your existence will soon make a mark and its memories would remain and last forever. These two different ideas obviously have its own clear points and once you contradict the other, another answer may be formed. With it, I must say that the existence of forever depends on the perspective you are looking at. By believing in Heraclitus’ claim, you may say that there is no permanence which may confirm that there is no such thing as forever. Having your physical attributes as an example, you cannot claim that you are forever young and beautiful. You age and things change. It is never permanent which shows that there is no such thing as forever in it. Fame, attitude and lifestyle are some of other examples which may surely change and have no permanence. It cannot exist forever so again; you may believe and agree that there is no such thing as forever. On the other hand, believing in Parmenides’ claim may express the truth that change is impossible. Without change, permanence takes place and with it, forever exists. The memory that you will be leaving from your existence is a great example of this. You live and die in the end but the memory of your existence remains. Your personality and who you are will never be changed once your life ends.
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