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PLACE Harrods is perceived for its celebrity endorsed deals, food lobby and signature green bags, Harrods is one of the world's biggest and most famous retail establishments. Its motto is Omnia Omnibus Ubique - All Things for All People, Everywhere - and the store draws in 15 million clients per year. Harrods is definitely one of the world's most popular retail chains, built up in 1849 as a modest supermarket utilizing two associates. Today, it offers everything from food to fashion, furniture to sportswear in addition to in-store restaurants serving each sort of cooking from pizza to sushi. Administrations range from piano tuning to fitting seats. Must-see sights including the Food Halls, the Egyptian Hall and the Pet Department. Around…show more content…
The extravagance retailer has offered "off the shelf" gold items ranging from 1g to 12.5 kg since 2009; however, the lavish items don't end there. From container of chocolates to the most expensive manicure in the world, tracking down some of the most exclusive and luxurious items ever sold at Harrods including Patchi chocolates priced at $10,000/box, are high quality chocolate gift collections in exquisite packaging made by the Patchi Ateliers group. Each high fashion crafted gift, as they refer to it, comprises of timeless pieces and chocolate gems made with elegance and finished with a special look. Next is PG Tips Tea Bag valued at $15,250, the British tea brand presented the diamond encrusted tea bag for their 75th commemoration in 2005. Reclassifying the idea of 'tea time', this one-off, luxurious tea bag comprises of 280 sparkling glistening diamonds, and was made by Boodles diamond setters utilizing Makaibari Silver Tips. The tea is precisely named ‘the world's most expensive tea bag’. Lastly, considered the most extravagant manicure in the world, this $51,000 treatment is composed of 10 carats of exclusive cut diamonds. The

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