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Proverbs: Proverbs are passed down through the tradition of oral literature. Oral literature allows a society with no written language to effectively communicate profound ideas or sayings. Proverbs, in such societies, act as a set of guidelines or rules in that they are used to settle disputes, to teach, and to resolve ethical discrepancies. “It is not only giants that do great things.”- That anyone can do great things not just big name people. “The man who listens is the one who understands.”- That whoever pays attention will know what's going on. “What is bad luck for one man is good luck for another.”- If one person is having bad things happen to them another is having good things happening to him “ No one knows the story of tomorrow's…show more content…
As well as how the ending coincides with right and wrong within their culture. The plot of the stories are set around a moral that the reader will learn at the very end. In these stories the reader learns about the main character and how they have one major flaw that gets solved in the end. The Lion’s Awakening: This is a section of an epic, Sundiata. It revolves around the main character, Mari Djata, and the adventures he endures during his journey from exile into a position of great power over the land. The plot of the story starts out with a prophecy about the child. The story starts in the beginning with the outcome looking hopeless and slowly becoming worse and worse until the end when he actually prevailed. This showed that everyone can do what they believe they can. Krina: This is the latter section of Sundiata. It, again, continues the story of Mari Djata This story showed that no matter how great a wall is if you believe you can and try your best you can overcome anything. Marriage is a Private Affair: This piece revolves around the story of two lovers who have broken the traditions of their people by marrying each other, as a result of migration and

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