Isla Nublar Island

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Ms. Dilemma has a six-year-old son who loves dinosaurs. Hence, her mother-in-law wants to take the kid to see Jurassic World because she thinks although it is a violent and potentially scary film, kids know stuff is not real. However, Ms. Dilemma thinks this movie is not suitable for her son at this age. For this argument, I harbor the view that a six-year-old boy should not watch it. And I will explain the reason why I made this decision. Jurassic World is an adventure film. Isla Nublar Island has developed into a huge theme park and resort. Visitors can take a boat, drive, or sit in a transparent spinning ball to enjoy dinosaurs and beautiful scenery. However, a genetically modified dinosaur breaks loose and runs across the island. The park plunges into chaos. Firstly, this movie not only includes many different components which scare children, like…show more content…
Dilemma’s mother-in-law is wrong. According to the research, 6 to 7 years old children cannot distinct the reality and fantasy (McKenna and Osoff, 1998). When it comes to the long-term effects the violent movie will bring, the findings of the research can show. Investigators use Meta-analysis to do the research and get the conclusion that because children have a mind that is readily modifiable, long-term effects should be pronounced. At the same time, it is showed that the younger the children are, the more susceptible they should be to encoding aggressive scripts through observational learning and the more quickly their emotional responses to observing violence should habituate (Bushman & Huesmann, 2006). Kids who are two to seven years old are in the preoperational stage, which means they are dominated by what is perceptually salient. They can think about what they see and hear, but they cannot think much behind what they do not see and do not hear. Because of the life experience limitation, they cannot justify the violence is wrong and they will imitate these violent

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