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The purpose of this memo is to provide answers regarding the communication interaction assignment on page 130 of the textbook. These questions are regarding a customer service experience of a woman who was returning a pair of shoes she had worn several times knowing that it was against company policy. The woman knew when she entered the company that if she threw a big enough fit that she would receive the cash back for the shoes regarding policy. Austin was upset by Phil’s response to Suzette because it was against company policy to give Suzette her money back. The company had signs posted stating that you could not return an item unless it was unworn, within 30 days of purchase, and you had a receipt. Phil did not want to deal with the…show more content…
He was very polite to Suzette but held his ground regarding the company’s return policy. There was not anything personally that Austin could have done any differently without getting himself into trouble with the company. If I were Austin’s manager I would have behaved in exactly the same way that he did. I would not have returned Suzette’s money but apologized for the inconvenience that the shoes had caused her. Phil should have handled the situation differently. Phil did not stand with the company’s return policy. Phil did not want to deal with Suzette being angry and yelling at him. To get himself out of that situation he gave in to Suzette’s demands and gave her money back. I think if Phil’s superiors from the company had been there he would not have given into Suzette’s demands. The KEYS process could have helped Phil manage the customer confrontation. K stands for Know Yourself, E stands for Evaluate the Professional Context, Y stands for Your Communication Interaction Occurs, S is Step Back and Reflect. Phil knew himself in the sense that he knew that he did not want to deal with the confrontation. However, Phil should’ve evaluated the professional context that was occurring in this situation. If he would have evaluated the situation properly he would’ve known that he should not refund this woman’s money. After his communication interaction occurred he should have stepped back

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