Gun Restrictions Essay

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Gun Restrictions “The public’s confidence in firearms, however, is woefully misguided: The evidence overwhelmingly shows that guns leave everybody less safe, including their owners.”(The Myth of the Good Guy with a Gun, Evan DeFilllippis) Firearms are dangerous no doubt, but what benefits are there, to make up for all of the tragedies they are causing? When gun laws are brought up, some people think that high restrictions are the only options. There are many solutions that would make owning a gun in the United States safer, without banning firearms altogether. In order to decrease the amount of gun related injuries and deaths, there needs to be rigid laws preventing just anyone to buy a gun. Universal background checks and required training…show more content…
But for a small handful, they breed the kind of resentment and fury that can explode into violence.”(American exceptionalism and the ‘exceptionally American’ problem of mass shootings) Shootings that occur due to built up emotions are going to be more common than they already are if we don’t do anything about gun control. Many people who do commit mass shootings are in a place that they are so broken that the only way to make themselves better is to take the lives of those who hurt them. The way to prevent these tragedies is to make it harder to access guns and by making it harder to access them, not as many people will be able to commit crimes with a gun in the heat of the moment. If buying a gun takes more time to process and evaluate, then the person has to take time to think about what they are doing and hopefully decide to not go through with their plan. This plan will only work if we make the gun laws more strict, but not to the point where. Banning guns will not fix the problem, as all of the criminals with terrible intention will be willing to smuggle in guns. In this case, banning guns will give more power to the criminals and less to the people, which no law abiding citizen would
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