Superstition In The Crucible

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The Crucible Paper "Fear breeds superstition, superstition breeds fear." In The Crucible there is a term that resonates through out the entire story, "Fear breeds superstition and superstition breeds fear." This is very apparent from the beginning all the way to the end. The craze and chaos started with just two young and immature girls who were trying to not get in trouble. The Crucible mainly revolves around a girl named Abigail and her love for a man named John Proctor. Previously John and Abigail had slept with each other, however John was already married to his wife Elizabeth Proctor. This affair severely damaged John and Elizabeth's relationship. Abigail wanted John all for herself. This led to Abigail to…show more content…
When word of their story got out, fear and panic began to spread like a wildfire throughout the entire town of Salem. Soon the long and perilous witch trials began. . The trials began, and one of the first victims was a slave named Tituba. Tituba was the most likely candidate for being named a witch because of her past. Tituba was from Barbados, and while she was in Barbados she practiced rituals. The Puritans viewed these acts and rituals as "black magic." After being put on trial Tituba admitted to talking with the devil. Tituba's confession affirmed the belief that there were witches in Salem, sending Salem into witch hunt frenzy. The main leaders coincidentally were Abigail and Betty. The girls accused innocent people of being witches and got rewarded for it and became known as saints. This fever however spread beyond Abigail and Betty. Many others accused their neighbors, friends they disliked, and even poor beggars. This was done purely out of superstition or greed. People went as far as to say that the accused persons ghost or

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