Persuasive Essay On Gun Shootings

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With the uprising of violence in 2018 already, there is no question that guns are the go to weapon used for majority attacks. As of February 2018, there has already been at least 5 shootings or more, causing multiple people to become injured. The society today that was made for us shows in shows and movies, a singular person can cause all those deaths on a constant basis. While those are movies and obviously not real, it doesn’t seem to count into fact that after so many times of seeing it; People become desensitized to all the shootings and deaths while it is still tragic. One thing that should be considered when the problem of gun licenses comes up: Should we make it to where people will have to take several tests to get it, ultimately making it harder for people in general to acquire guns? I would like to think yes, and here’s why. For Japan’s death rate, there has only been two shootings/death by shootings in 2006. That small number jumped to 22 in 2007 altogether, and that barely compares to the US. In 2008 for Americans,there was 587 deaths by a gun accidentally going off on them or in their pockets, Japan seems to be doing better than us by a landslide. U.S. also seemed to have had about 12 thousand or more firearm related homicides in that year alone, and this also counts in the 587 fatalities. It says…show more content…
Any other country that has strict gun laws, like Singapore or Germany, helps keep their shooting rates to as close to as minimum as possible. This could also mean that officers of law or family members could and can “intervene if someone is at risk of hurting one’s self or others with a gun.” (find author and year, sources sheet [google drive or paper version] ) This could help stop some bad bills that could damage us more than help us,and just make things an overall mess for

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