Anal Glands Research Paper

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Anal glands are located just below the anus, about 5 o’clock and 7 o’clock. They secrete pheromones that tell other dogs their age, sex, and even health. Which explains why they sniff each other’s behind and other dog’s poop. Occassionaly, the fluids can build up and become uncomfortable to your dog. When this happens, it can cause them to lick or bite at their anus or scoot along the floor after and/or before defecating. This can happen in any breed, small or large; this can even happen in cats, but that is rare. Expression of the anal glands is quite an easy process that can help keep your dog healthy and comfortable. While the veterinarian will usually do this during your pet’s physical exam, it is also possible for you to do this, saving…show more content…
Note: Use gentle pulses and not constant squeezing. Use the same amount of pressure that you would use on your closed eye. Step 11: Watch for for expressed liquid from the dog’s bottom. If done correctly, the liquid should be coming out in slow drips. The liquid does have a strong fishy smell and can be brown and grainy or clear and smooth. If nothing is coming out, try to position your fingers differently. Warning: If bloody or pus discharge, stop what you are doing and contact your veterinarian immediately. Warning: Do not force the expression! If nothing is coming out try again in a couple of days. Sometimes it is harder in bigger dogs because their glands are internally deeper. If that is the case, do not continue; this can cause pain and bruising. Contact veterinarian if this is the case because glands may need to be expressed still. Step 12: Continue to express the gland until it becomes hard to further palpate. There should no more liquid coming out. Step 13: Wipe your dog’s bottom with a damp paper towel and repeat steps 8-12 with the other gland. Be gentle when doing this, there may be discomfort relating to the swollen glands. Step

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