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4.Born with skills? People are not born with a skill, anyone can be good at something with the right mindset. The idea that people are born with a skill (like math) is a “fixed mindset”. They limit themselves by thinking, “Well I'll never be good at that, so why try.” However, those who approach this idea with the “Growth mindset” are limitless. They believe that they can do anything with perseverance, tenacity, and hard work. Carol Dweck is all about mindset development, and she has many studies on improvement through the right mindset. In "The Science” behind the Growth Mindset” Dweck explains that “students with a growth mindset were more motivated to learn and exert effort, and outperformed those with a fixed mindset in math” (Dweck 1 ).…show more content…
Types of praise that target the effort a child puts into doing something, will develop the growth mindset. While types of praise that focuses on intelligence will tilt towards the fixed mindset. Since there is a direct correlation between higher grades and less dropouts, and also a direct correlation between having the growth mindset and having better grades. It is safe to say that those students with the growth mindset are less likely to drop out, than the kids with the fixed mindset. It is very important to expose a child to the growth mindset at an early age, because you are not born with the skill of being naturally good at math or science. Children develop habits when they are young, and you want the good habit of the growth mindset to stick with them throughout their lives. The most effective way to instill the growth mindset in students, is by educating teachers and professors about the growth mindset and how it works. After they understand why the growth mindset is the right mindset, they can start teaching their kids with the point of view of the growth mindset. Teachers should start praising for effort and giving back positive

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