Education Self Analysis: Growth Mindset In Education

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Education Self Analysis This essay will discuss student academic achievements and what mindset determines their ability to do well and succeed in school now and later in life as an adult. There will be a discussion of two type's mindset in this paper fixed mindset and the growth mindset. Also, considering what type of mindset do I posse According to (Carol S. Dweck winter of 2008), a fixed mindset is defined as someone that has limited abilities to learn they become afraid of a challenge when they are faced with a tougher challenge in the school. This person that has a fixed mindset like to sound and looking smart so they can hide the facts that they are not well educated and manipulates their way out having to be involved with projects…show more content…
In part, it could be said that I developed a growth mindset over the year because growing up it would consider that I was a fixed mindset. Because the world of education was frightening after leaving elementary school and transitioning into junior school high where I was involved in any sports that had I the ability to play, running track, playing baseball, kickball, all the way down to dodgeball and loved it. Teaches during my high school years seemed to take interested in motiving kids to stay in school more so he coach, so I managed to graduate junior high with C’s and on to high school, but not without a history of acting…show more content…
Self –doubt make me think that I cannot succeed in moving up the food chain, I lack a large vocabulary. Being easy distracted cause me to get off track for the task at hand it would at times cause a setback in the amount work that need to done. So the ways in which to address my weakness is to change my belief system regarding my weakness and that is that I can improve my educated level, strengthen my vocabulary to be able to do a dissertation or presentation from a curriculum for a group of individual and have the vocabulary to articulate myself. In regards to the being distracted easily my plans are to turn down the volume on the TV and cut my phone

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