Film Analysis: The Lost Children Of Rockdale County

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It has always been said that people are products of their environment, in some cases that may be true. Psychologists use a process to known as developmental psychology to identify patterns or shifts in a persons behavior. Developmental Psychology is a constant process which records behavioral changes in a person from childhood to adulthood. Results differ in people based on factors or influences in their environment. For instance ones behavior may be affected by the use of illegal drugs, peer-pressure, sex at young age and the presence of adult supervision or the lack thereof. The purpose of this paper is to display how a negative/positive influences in ones environment can effect their behavior. I've chosen to critique for this assignment a film titled "The Lost Children of Rockdale county". First I'll give a brief summary of the film, then I will discuss the consequences of kids being left idle, how peer pressure affected some of the interviewees and whether or not this films title is appropriate . To summarize "The Lost Children of Rockdale County", the film originates in Rockdale County, in its own town known as Conyers. It is a suburban town found just 25 miles east off the exit of Atlanta. Conyers appears to be similar to many other small communities. Where privileged and under-privileged occupants either live in…show more content…
the title captures how many kids feel when they deal with the pressures of growing up without rules or someone to hold them accountable and be a respectable role model to them. This film displays Psychological Development because it shows how the mindset of the interviewees changed over time. They talk about past experiences, where there mindset was in the past and how differently they look at things now that they are

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