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 In William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, many questions are raised in regards to Hamlet’s love 

for Ophelia. The play is filled with drama, revenge, and hatred. However, underneath that is a 

love story between the characters Hamlet and Ophelia. The love shared between both of these 

characters is complicated and sadly ends in tragedy. There are many situations that take place 

in this play where is it unclear to the reader whether Hamlet’s feelings are true or if they are 

fake. Although there is in fact evidence that can argue Hamlet’s love was untrue, there is even 

more evidence proving that Hamlet’s…show more content…
There are many moments in 

this play where Hamlet confesses his feelings toward Ophelia although he did not have to, 

indicating that she truly was important to him. 

 Hamlets love for Ophelia is clearly demonstrated in the way he acts when it is only him 

and her alone compared to the way he acts when other characters are present. In the company 

of others, one can believe that Hamlet’s love for Ophelia is fake, yet there is a noticeable 

change in behaviour when they are alone also making one believe that she is significant to him. 

There are several different things that occur that prevent Hamlet and Ophelia to have a simple, 

normal love experience. Soon after Hamlet found out that his father was murdered by his uncle, 

Hamlet made it is mission to seek revenge and kill his uncle Claudius. Hamlet made it very clear 

that he would not let anything get in the way of his plan, not even…show more content…
Hamlet tells Ophelia “I did love you” ( ) however, four lines after, he states “I 

loved you not” ( ). Hamlet does not want any characters to overhear him being romantic with 

Ophelia because it may result in them finding out that he is not truly mad which would therefore 

ruin his revenge plan. Hamlet used his smarts to trick the others into believing he was not in 

love with Ophelia and was going insane instead.

 In addition, Hamlet’s love for Ophelia is demonstrated when Hamlet tells Ophelia to go to 

a nunnery to protect her. It may seem as though Hamlet is mocking Ophelia, however in reality 

he is trying to keep her out of the mess. It is important for the reader to consider the things that 

Hamlet is going through, so that it is possible to somewhat get a better understanding of why 

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Hamlet is acting the way he is. Firstly, Hamlet is being visited by the ghost of his dead father 

that had told him the truth about his death. Also, Many would believe Hamlet loved and had 

respect for his mother, however because of her marriage with his uncle taking place so soon 

after his fathers death, Hamlet no longer had

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