Personal Characteristics Of Success In Business

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The Literature that has been analyzed and closely examined in the course of this research has clearly shown that there are certain personal characteristics and traits that can be associated with success in business. The personality of a person and the behavior seem to play an important role. The literature suggests that a certain behavior, traits and personal characteristics such as for example the habit of organized planning, persistence, success oriented thinking are highly correlated with success in business. The outcome of this research indicates that it is very important that one works on his personality and skills in order to have sustainable success in business. The research also indicates that school and university knowledge is important…show more content…
The emotions of faith, love and passion have been identified as very powerful and constructive emotions that seem to release a lot of positive energy. According to the literature it seems to have a tremendous influence on success in business when a person believes and is convinced about what he is doing. Almost all entrepreneurs and managers that were analyzed in the course of this Bachelor paper seemed to have unwavering faith and belief in what they wanted to achieve and they did not doubt that they are going to achieve their final objective. Apart from the positive emotions that may contribute to the success in business also a few highly destructive and negative emotions have been identified and described. Based on this research a lot of doubt and fear seem to be negative and may keep one from achieving his objective in business. This research has also shown that a lot of people particularly fear to be criticized by others and therefore keep their ideas or suggestions rather for themselves which may however be a mistake. It has also been pointed out that almost all people who are nowadays regarded as very successful and popular business men had to go through a period of hard and constant criticism. The reason for that may be that new ideas or concepts are very often regarded as a threat by society. Therefore…show more content…
It is fairly difficult to identify a universal training programme when it comes to personality development programmes. However, the literature suggests that a complete personal growth and development programme needs to start with some self-reflection which helps people to know themselves better and properly understand why they act and perceive situations in a certain way. Before being able to develop a success oriented mindset one fist needs to have a clear vision of what he wants to achieve in business and may need a trainer to align his behavior to certain internal success principles. The literature suggests that success in business or life may not come by accident; it comes by doing things in a certain way. Numerous people may have a certain behavior or thinking that paralyzes their growth process and therefore may have difficulties in achieving their desired goals in business or even life. There is a certain behavior and mindset that may lead to success in business and it even may lead to success by law as also this entire universe operates by exact and precise laws. If one does not have such a success oriented behavior or thinking it can be trained by doing critical self-reflection, working on one´s personal vision and objectives, working on one´s behavior and mental attitude and closely monitoring the progress.

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