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Everyone wants to be successful, but don’t necessarily have the right tools. Two of the most important tools would be grit and a growth mindset. Both go hand in hand to make a person successful. Grit is what allows you to persevere when facing adversity. When being gritty you are less likely to give up. Having a growth mindset allows you to think of setbacks as a way to learn and grow rather than a total defeat. These two qualities come together and causes an individual to triumph through a setback and see it as a learning experience. This way of living is important for success because the road there is not always easy. There will be times where you feel like giving up, but if you have these two qualities you will be strong enough…show more content…
In other words, Hanford reiterates that grit requires you to continue a task even when it gets difficult. This seems to be the most important time to continue. Perseverance shows the amount of dedication you have. I have had to show this gritty attitude many times. One includes my performance in dance class. I remember being in dance class and going across the floor. I was trying to perfect a jump. I attempted the jump and did poorly. I asked the teacher for pointers to make it better. Eventually, I went across the floor and was satisfied with what I saw in the mirror. If I had never stuck with it I would have never been successful in doing the jump. Grit was one of the most important parts of that learning experience. People with a growth mindset see typically bad situations as a chance to grow and get better. For example, Carol Dweck states, “They are ready to take risks, confront challenges and keep working at them” (p.77). These people remain optimistic and see this as a chance to grow and become greater. An example of a growth mindset would be me when I did very poorly on

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