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Khaled Hosseini; His Life The life of Khaled Hosseini has been an amazing journey. From Kabul, Afghanistan to San Jose, California Khaled has been through some tough things in his life. Because his early life was full of hardship and constant relocation, Khaled Hosseini was inspired to write the book The Kite Runner. Khaled Hosseini lived in a very traditional Afghan household. He was a very privileged child. With his dad being a diplomat and his mother being a teacher he was very content. "Hosseini grew up in a family that, though not wealthy"(Waggoner P.1). He lived in a middle class neighborhood in Kabul. Even though he wasn’t wealthy he was “very happy, until the fall of the monarchy in 1973,” (Waggoner P.2). Hosseini's family never settled somewhere because they were always moving due to his father being assigned to the Afghan embassy among other places. Before all the moving around “Hosseini was born in Kabul Afghanistan” (Bloom P.2). He lived there for three years where he was peaceful. He lived in the country’s golden years,…show more content…
Having read the book myself I wanted to keep reading because I was able to relate with some of the characters emotions. Hosseini gives readers a feeling of realism so they can feel what the characters are going through. As a young child, "Khaled befriended the family cook and taught him to read and write."(Diamond P.2). In his book The Kite Runner he uses the character Hassan in which he resembles his friend who was his servant, which is also a servant in the book. Hosseini also uses, “Baba's refusal to accept welfare in America reflects the commitment of [his] father, who voluntarily removed his family from welfare as soon as he obtained a job." (Johnson P.5). He adds that to his story in order to give his story some life. The readers are able to understand how his father feels about welfare, which can resemble how many people in the United States also

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