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Most students at Chaminade High School believe that pizza sticks are the most delectable and mouthwatering lunch item served on some Fridays. There’s only one complication, pizza sticks are not served every Friday, and more so, they are not served most Fridays. The fact that this delicious item is not served every Friday affects the student body of Chaminade High School. Not only is the student body affected, but also some faculty members who dearly appreciate pizza sticks are affected. The people who adore pizza sticks are concerned because if they are not being served every Friday, they fear sudden demise. The problem of pizza sticks not being served every Friday originated on April 12th, 2000. On this horrific date, in the cafeteria of Chaminade High School, a student had overdosed on pizza sticks after consuming twenty trays of this delectable, yet insanely addictive lunch.…show more content…
There is one simple solution to this gruesome problem, and the solution is to serve pizza sticks every Friday for lunch. By doing so, both the students and the faculty will be more satisfied, and no one will plan to rebel against the cafeteria. Furthermore, once eaten, pizza sticks are proven to help students concentrate more on their school work as the day progresses forward. This fact can help students do better in school and lead to them having a delightful day. On the other hand, if pizza sticks are not served every Friday, students will not only be depressed, but they will seek revenge for this undying hatred within their

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