Group Work In Teachers College

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Group Work vs Individual Work in Teachers College College students have different learning method than other educational levels students. As a college student there are many demands that have to be fulfilled. The main demand of a student is to do every assignment that is assigned by the lectures. In every assignment students always want to get the best score and one of the ways is choosing the right method in doing assignments. There are two methods in doing assignments which are group work and individual work. Group work is a group of people that has a common goal or purpose where the team members can develop effective and mutual relationship to achieve the goal (Harris, P. R & Harris, K.G, 1996). Effective group work can lead us into…show more content…
Assignment will reveal not only the students know and understand, but will also show the quality of work that show the depths and growth of each students’ thinking (Earl, 2003). In Teachers College there are so many kinds of assignments that should be done, some of them should be done in group work and the others should be done individually. Presentation, observation, and academic writing are usually done by group work. Meanwhile, the kinds of reflection, paper, and observation report are mostly done individually. Actually, we can choose both methods because each of them has their own advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of group work are first; improve someone’s ability to share their own ideas because each member of the group should contribute opinions to accomplish the goal of the group. The ability to share ideas can lead to a more successful project because several unique possible approaches are being shared. Everyone with their own perspectives can contribute pros and cons to accomplish the group goal. Second; project and assignments can be done more quickly and with greater efficiency. If all the group members contribute well and really do their part in the group responsibly, things are likely to get done faster. Third; when people work together as a team, they not only become more invested in the assignments but also with one another because group members should support each other to achieve the group’s goal. Meanwhile, there are also the disadvantages of group work. In the group work there will be many opinions and ideas that causing delays in the completion of the assignment. This may seem contradictory with the advantage of more ideas increased efficiency, but there are sometimes when a group can spend more time planning and organizing without really getting
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