Should Teachers Receive Higher Pay Essay

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Education is highly valued in the U.S, as well as several countries around the world. Parents send their children to school to learn and obtain quality skills in order to live a successful life but, what if there were no teachers to educate their children? Teachers should receive higher pay because they make positive impacts on students' lives daily, their job has become substantially more dangerous over the years, and underpayment could lead to a shortage in the teaching industry. Although teachers work hard, dedicate their time to students, and positively impact students, teachers should not receive higher pay because majority of teachers only work 10 months out of the year, increasing the pay of teachers could potentially lower the quality of the teacher workforce, and the education degree is considered one…show more content…
The amount of students going into the education field of teaching are decreasing. If the teaching career continues to be complacent with its current salary, a shortage could occur. "The supply of teachers is diminishing at every stage of the career ladder… fewer students are entering the profession. Generally speaking, the small fraction of the most cognitively skilled college students who elect to become teachers has declined for decades" ( Allegretto). Continuing to underpay teachers could lead to a complete teacher shortage. Underpayment has resulted in reconsideration of teaching upon students leading to a potential teacher shortage, but students are not the only ones contributing to the outage. Current teachers are deciding to retire early which has led to loss of many teachers already. "82.42% of Primary retirements during 2015 were voluntary retirements" (Department of Education and Skills). Over half of teacher retirements were voluntary in 2015. If the retirement rates continue to go at this rate, a shortage will be soon to

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