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Refractive errors are defects the effect the eyes vision and it has many types and causes. We see the world around us because of the way that our eyes reflect light back. Refractive errors are optical imperfections that prevent the lights rays from focusing Clearly on the retina that result in blurry vision and it is one of the most common Symptoms of refractive errors. Here is the major role of the optometrist and Ophthalmologist to service and help the patient by asking question and obtain the main Information that is related to the patient problem or needed after that they do the Examination to be sure about the diagnose and determine the treatment plan for this Case. The primary types of refractive errors are hyperopia, Myopia and astigmatism.…show more content…
Types of Refractive errors: Hyperopia is also called (farsightedness) and it is occur when the light rays focus behind the retina because the eyes is either too short or it has too little focusing power. And it Is causes to near and distant object to appear blurry. The second type of refractive errors is Myopia it is also called (nearsightedness) and it is occur when the light rays focus in front of the retina because the eye is too long or has excessive focusing power. The objects at distance appears blurry and as they get closer to the eye it appears and seen more clearly. The last type of refractive errors is astigmatism. Astigmatism is occurring when the light rays focusing in multiple point either in front of the retina or behind it or in both. There are three types of astigmatism .The first type of astigmatism is the myopic astigmatism .Myopic astigmatism occur when one or both principal meridians of the eyes are nearsighted (if both meridians are nearsighted they are myopic in different degree). The second type is hyperopic astigmatism it is occur

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