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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” (Gandi) Education has been an essential element in building societies in the past decades. Education is vital to build up the student life correctly and create awareness for the student on how to deal with his life; so he can differentiate between good and bad things. Education either purposes as an tool which is used to simplify addition of the younger group into the sense of the present system and bring about traditionalism or it becomes the preparation of self-determination, the means by which men and women deal judgmentally and artistically with truth and discover how to contribute in the transformation of their world. There should be an entrance exam to college…show more content…
Once the student enters college he has the opportunity to improve and discover his true abilities. Because college is not like Highschool College structure differs from highschool structure due to the following reasons. According to a college expert Allen Grove talks about the most differences between college and highschool on the academic level. In highschool the teachers would pull the student aside if they felt he is struggling with the material being covered; on the other hand in college the professor will not come to the student in case the student is struggling. The student must seek help from the professor and from the college facilities such as writing center, tutoring center etc. the professor won’t teach the class twice in case the student missed it. Secondly, in highschool the students spend most of their times in the class, where in college the student spends…show more content…
This situation started to occur when I reached the 6th grade as my parents started working regularly as there was no one in the house to monitor me whether I study or not. I failed 3 subjects due to not taking responsibility on my future as I made my parents sad about what just happened. Once I applied to AUK I promised myself and my parents that I will change and discover my true abilities, during my first semester at the university I was introduced to the university facilities that I was advised to use in case I needed help in my studies. I started getting used to dealing with the university material and its atmosphere. Once the semester was over I achieved four B’s as my final grades, I was happy as I worked to achieve that and I wished I would go back in time to highschool to do what I did here in the university and accomplish good grades. That really brought to my attention that however bad the student was in high school he/she can still change and develop once they enter

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