10 Effective Study Habits For College Students

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Success in College Every student wants to succeed in college, but it depends how they get top score in each course. Students should put a plan of how to successfully pass the course with high score. Sadly, many students face difficulties in their college life, as they do not know how to achieve their goals. Unfortunately, they may get disappointed because they do not avoid study burnout. In spite of that, a student can succeed in college and get top score in several ways, such as by managing their time, studying well, and being confident. First, college students should pickup a weekly schedules and do some planning. In the article, “Learn to Manage Your…show more content…
In “10 Effective Study Habits for College Students,” Holly Dalby (2013) writes that they have to participate in class and share information with the instructor and other students. Students who sit in the front of the classroom will find it easier to develop a better relationship with their instructors, receive information faster and notice with teacher more. When they back home they should review what they was taking in the class to memorize the information and also to be active with the teacher when he ask them about it later. Students have to take time to study, as reviewing their notes and preparing outside class. They have to find a quiet place to study, where they can concentrate without distraction. Working with other students in class can be helpful. Students in a group can absorb the lessons faster than students studying alone. Students in a group can answer many ideas and listen to different answers. Joining a study group can help some students to keep each other motivated to study. Also highlighted books will help them to know what important concepts they have to study. Using highlighter to mark key texts. Students highlight some notes to turning a large chunk of text into a short…show more content…
According to Christopher Gearon (2015) in “colleges Aim at Improving Student Success” student should be confident of him self. Some students worried about sharing their opinions in class. Some students know what the teacher talk about and they may know the right answer for some questions, but they are shy to answer or talk in class. The important of communication between classmates is to be familiar with each other. When students introduce themselves, they make study dialogues easy. Student should use social media to communicate with their classmates. They have also to participate actively in class study gourd. Get contact information from at least three students in class, because sometimes student miss some classes or they don’t understand something. This is must for any student. Get a study partner from class will help students to share their ideas before exams and classes. A study partner will help you remember a due date or the date of an exam. Study partner can be there if the other forget some important tools. Some relationship between partners turns to a best friend relationship after study period. Instructors love student who communicate with them, because they know that they are really interested. Every professor has open office hours, so students can feel free to ask

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